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Govreen/Sever is an eclectic celebration of the simple

and complex.

Using the endless sonic possibilities of the piano and

vibraphone combination, their melodies go straight to the

heart while the rhythms keep you at the edge of your seat.

Ranging all the way from baroque to modern jazz, the

music takes inspiration from anything that makes people

tick, from virtuosity to meditative chants

The group’s debut album has been release in October 22' with New York based label JMI recordings

Aleksander Sever - Vibraphone

Floris Kappeyne - Piano

Wouter Kuhne - Drums

Garden Crack


The goal of this group is to put emphasis on trying never to step in
the same spot twice, by switching repertoire frequently, from the
classical tradition to folk to jazz and anything they feel affinity to,
giving each other space for expression. 

Michael Moore - Reeds

Adrian Moncada - Piano

Nino Baleyte - Drums

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